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Bill Cosby - the Quaalude Sex Predator

Bill Cosby is a american black actor with huge power and fame back in the 70/80 and early 90. He had a TV show on NBC - the Cosby Show witch was a huge success and gave him a (false) reputation of an adoring person, lovable father figure, a family man. And he was black. A not so common situation back then and there fore it was much welcome. He became an icon, a reference and gain lots of money but more than that: he gain power.

I watch his show when I was about 14 on cable and I found myself troubled by that figure. There was something in him I instantly disliked. It was such a clear impression that it made me all the time wanna to switch the television off. I kinda enjoy the comedy show but not when he was on screen.  I'll always set loose a "Argh!" sound. He was despicable! And he was on screen almost all the time! Like if it was mandatory to be so, as if had to had 60% or plus of scene time. So self centered! It was really annoying and kind of ensure me he was pretentious and arrogant. He had to be there, all the time, as a big start. Doing monkey business he probably didn't believe into. It all unnecessary centered on him and that is so wrong. I really tough wile watching the show: "This is not a good person. He makes such an effort to come across has a likable person. I think he uses his character has a mask and in real life I'm guessing he is not a nice person". 

I do believe we all have this 6º sense. "Be aware", "Dangerous person".  I wish this 6º sense could always be on "green light" and couldn't be turned down by social interference and what we tend to find hard to believe so we discard has a possibility. And I came across mine "repulsive person 6º sense" on a TV personality in this show. 

A few years ago some women come public with allegations they have been RAPED by Bill Cosby. Then more came forward, alleging the same experience. And they kept on coming. They are now more than 40! I bet a very small number when compared to what must have been the real number of a lifetime of drugging and rape women.  Cosby, now 78, still rick and powerful but not so influential, with his money can buy a bunch of lawyers, witch he did and is now going on with his life letting this accusations drop into the cracks. He cannot be prosecuted anymore (by this "old" victims) because the statutes of limitations. Too many years have passed. But the truth still wants to come out. Truth always do. 

Fussing the case and being able to conturn all the powerful obstacles rich people make sure are there to keep their dark secrets protected, the Association Press has got it's hands on a settlement agreement of a case involving Cosby on accusations of sexual harassment with drug use, dated a decade ago. He had to testify about it, he ADMITTED to have possession of Quaalude, a drug that he purchase with the intention of using to have sex with women. But before the case went to trial - witch would be very damageable for his reputation and star-status, it most certainly would be much distressful for the victim. So, a settlement was established. When that happens, no one can discuss the case outside or to others. It becomes a "pact" with the devil, actually. But one can understand the victim's choice. She's already traumatized enough, the last thing a victim wishes for is to stretch repeatedly the trauma for long periods of time in courts, watching all being exposed on the tabloids and to the world! Specially in this days when courts try to turn the victim into this horrible person. So, the less one talks about it the sooner one can go on - I'm guessing peace it's what trauma people value the most. 

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